Better Late Than Never

That’s how the saying goes.

I’m 24 years old and I’ve wanted to be a writer for longer than I’ve realized. I’ve never had the courage to publish any of my work anywhere or let hardly anyone read them, even my wife. I hope to finally change that with this blog.

I know a lot of people have life blogs like this, and I expect that a lot of them have to explain their blog in a post just like this. I don’t expect this to be the next hit blog, but I hope to use it as a tool to improve my craft.

Though this is a public blog, I hope I can use it for some introspection. I hope to edit and improve. I hope that it becomes a way for me to track how far I’ve come as a writer as much as I hope to use it as a place to gather clippings and ramblings for a resume.

I was told by my very wise and intimidating professors in college as I studied to be a magazine writer that having my own personal blog to expound my thoughts was an absolute must. I knew they were right, of course. I just never took their advice.

Better late than never.

So this blog will be a place where I will hopefully publish many drafts that I would otherwise leave unpublished. I will also try to cross-post articles that I have published on other sites. It will be a place that I can point to and say, “This is what I have accomplished.”

Let’s see where this goes.